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National Doctors Awards Ceremony

The 2007 Chinese National Doctors Awards Ceremony was held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing November 16, 2007. Seventy awarded doctors and representatives of physicians from across the country attended the ceremony, which has occupied a great deal of attention of various related government departments and associations. Officials and experts attended the ceremony include:
Ms. Zhang, Mei-Ying, Vice Chairman of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC);

Mr. Wang, Guo-Qiang, Vice Minister of Health and Director of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine;

Mr. Liu, Qian, Vice Minister of Health;

Mr. Zhu, Qing-Sheng, President of China Rural Health Association and former Vice Minister of Health;

Mr. Cao, Rong-Gui, President of Chinese Hospital Association and former Vice Minister of Health;

Mr. Chen, Xin-Nian, Deputy Director of Army Medical Services;

Mr. Yang, Yue, Deputy Director Administration of Non-Profit Organizations, Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs;

Mr. Wang, Chang-Shou, Executive Director of Union of Ministry of Health;

Mr. Bian, Zhen-Jia, Director of Drug Safety and Inspection Department of State Food and Drug Administration;

Mr. Liang, Wan-Nian, Deputy Director of Beijing Health Bureau;

Mr. Liu, Hai-Lin, Secretary General of China Medicinal Biotechnology Association;

Mr. Chen, Ke-Ji, Academician of Chinese Academy of Science;

Mr. Zhang, Jin-Zhe, Academician of Chinese Academy of Science;

Ms. Hu, Ya-Mei, Academician of Chinese Academy of Science

The Ceremony was moderated by CMDA executive vice president and secretary general Mr. Yang, Jing, who announced the beginning of the ceremony followed by President Yin Da-Kui’s opening speech. Mr. Liu Qian, Vice Minister of Health, announced the list of 70 award-wining physicians, of whom 53 were western medicine physicians, 7 were Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physicians, 6 were preventive physicians and 4 were dentists.

The Application of Bronchodilator agent

Hosted by Chinese Medical Doctor Association (CMDA), sponsored by Journal of Multi-Organ Dysfunction Syndrome (Sweden) and organized by CMDA Foreign Affairs Department and Chinese Association of Respiratory Physicians(a CMDA Branch Association), “the Application of Bronchodilator agent in the treatment of respiratory disease Seminar” was held in Beijing Nov 6, 2007.

Aiming to establish an exchange platform between physicians and pharmaceutical research and development institutions, improving drug R&D and rational use of drug, the seminar is the first activity since the Program of Doctor-Pharmacist Communication established.

More than 10 respiratory experts delivered special reports at the seminar, including Prof. Marraro, Prof. Spada, Prof. Erjefalt, Prof. Zhang Li-Ming, Prof. Huang Ke-Wu and Prof. Xu Wen-Bing. About 60 physicians and pharmacists attended the seminar as well, who conducted in-depth interaction on topics regarding the clinical efficacy of Bronchodilator agent, pharmaceutical principles, adverse reactions, side and ancillary effects.  All attendees appreciated this form of communication where field experts bringing in the latest concepts of treatments and physicians and pharmacists offer their first-hand experiences.

3rd Asian Congress of Pediatric Nutrition to be Held in

Approved by State Council, the 3rd Asian Congress of Pediatric Nutrition will be held Oct 22 to 25, . The Congress is steered by The Federation of Pediatric Nutrition Organization of Asia, organized by CMDA and hosted by CMDA committee of Child Health. Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of National People’s Congress of China Xiu-Lian Gu is named the Honorary Chairman of the event, and Prof. Zong-Yi Ding, President of The Committee of Child Health, is the chairman of the event.
The Theme of the event is Nutrition, Feeding, Ecohealth and Nutriecology: From Cooking to Evidence-based Nutrition. Major topics include:
Nutrition Through Life Cycles
Pre-Pregnancy Nutrition
Infant and Young Child Feeding
Public Health and Nutrition
Econutrition:Safe and sustainable food supplies
Supervision of Child Food
Nutrition Research Methods and Evaluation
Evidence-based nutrition
Childhood Obesity
As the summit forum of pediatric nutrition, internationally renowned experts, scholars and researchers are invited to present the latest trends and ideas in the field. Participates of the events are pediatrician (internal medicine & chirurgery), nutritionist, dietitian, maternal and child health specialists, school teachers, children’s sports trainers, Child food industry specialists.