Promote World Interconnectivity ,Construct Health Wellbeing – 2018 World Chinese Doctors Annual Meeting held in Qingdao

Promote World Interconnectivity ,Construct Health Wellbeing – 2018 World Chinese Doctors Annual Meeting held in Qingdao

In order to continuously promote exchanges and cooperation between Chinese doctors around the world and promote the rapid development of Chinese medical career, the 2018 World Chinese Doctors Annual Conference and Internet Medical and Quality Improvement Summit Forum was held in Qingdao, Shandong Province from September 20th to 21st, 2018. . The conference was co-sponsored by the World Chinese Physicians Association, the Chinese Medical Doctor Association, and the Qingdao Municipal People’s Government. The Qingdao Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission, the Qingdao Municipal Government, and the Bodhi Medical Health Industry Group jointly hosted the conference. The theme of this annual meeting is “Internet medical and quality improvement.”

Tan Tianxing, deputy director of the Central United Front Work Department, Zhang Yanling, president of the Chinese Association of Chinese Physicians, president of the Chinese Medical Association, Li Mingzhu, ombudsman of the International Cooperation Department of the State Health Care Commission, and He Wenge, deputy director of the former Ministry of Political Affairs and Law, Shandong Provincial Foreign Affairs Office Wu Guan, deputy director, Sun Chunling, director of Shandong Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Fu Xin, deputy mayor of Qingdao, and academician Lang Jinghe, academician Chen Hongxuan, academician Liao Wanqing, academician Chen Xiangmei, and academician He Jie attended the opening ceremony. More than 1,000 physician representatives from the Macao Practitioners Association, the American Chinese Practitioners Association, the North American Medical Association, the Canadian Canadian Medical Association, the Taiwan Chinese Huaxia Medical Association, and the Australian Chinese Medical Association, as well as major medical institutions in China, attended the event. Cooperation and cooperation. The opening ceremony was hosted by CCTV anchor Zhang Hongmin.


Speech by Vice Minister Tan Tianxing


Speech by President Zhang Yanling


Li Mingzhu’s Ombudsman read out the important instructions given by the Director of the National Health and Health Commission, Ma Xiaowei, to this conference.


Speech by Director Sun Chunling


Speech by Vice Mayor Fuxin


At the opening ceremony of the conference, Li Mingzhu, the ombudsman of the International Cooperation Department of the National Health and Health Commission, read out the important instructions given by the Director of the National Health and Health Commission, Ma Xiaowei, to this conference. Vice Minister Tan Tianxing, Chairman Zhang Yanling, Director Sun Chunling, Vice Mayor Fu Xin and others led the speech. Academician He Jie, He Baohong, Director of Cloud Computing and Big Data Research Institute of China Information Research Institute, Professor Lin Junlong and Professor Cheng Genhong from overseas experts gave keynote speeches. The meeting established a number of sub-forums such as “Inspection Forum”, “Anesthesia Forum”, “Nutrition Forum” and “Smart Medicine”. Many well-known experts and scholars of this conference shared the opportunities and challenges facing the world medical development from a multi-disciplinary and multi-angle perspective.


At the opening ceremony, the “World Outstanding Chinese Physician Huo Yingdong Award” was also presented. The award was initiated by the World Chinese Doctors Association Council. It was named after Mr. Huo Yingdong, the world’s leading Chinese leader. The Huo Yingdong Foundation funded the world’s highest award for Chinese physicians. It aims to recognize outstanding representatives of Chinese physicians and encourage more Chinese physicians to contribute to the health of the people of the world and further enhance the recognition and support of Chinese doctors in their countries and regions. The first 10 award-winning physicians were: Lang Jinghe, Chen Hongyu, Chen Xiangmei, Ye Chunyu, Lin Junlong, Li Zhaoping, Zuo Zhiyi, Lu Futai, Yang Guang, Guan Yulian.


In the same period of the meeting, under the common witness of everyone, the World Chinese Physician Association general practitioner training base was unveiled at Qingdao Municipal Hospital; the World Chinese Medical Doctor Building to be established was unveiled. The World Chinese Physician Building will be located in the Qingdao Health Industry Park. As a Chinese physician’s home, it will provide a warm and comfortable office environment for Chinese physicians, and help Chinese doctors to better conduct academic exchanges and scientific research cooperation in China. The World Chinese Paediatricians Association, Dermatologist Association, Emergency Physician Association, and Smart Medical Committee were also established at the annual meeting; the World Chinese Oncologists Association held a re-election meeting.

The one-and-a-half-day meeting opened up a broader space for Chinese physicians to display their talents and realize their ideals. They have made positive contributions to the integration and development of the world’s medicine, and screamed the slogan of “Linking the World and Building Health Together”. Vice Minister Tan Tianxing also investigated the overseas Chinese work during the Qing Dynasty.

The World Chinese Physician Association was initiated by a Chinese physician organization in 13 countries and was established on September 21, 2014. Since then, Chinese doctors in the world have their own homes and have their own communication platform. President Zhang Yanling of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association, as the president of the World Chinese Medical Doctor Association, adhering to the purpose of “unity service, communication and coordination, exchange and cooperation”, has established a platform for communication, coordination, exchange and cooperation for Chinese doctors around the world. It is the link between the Chinese doctors in various countries.

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World Chinese Doctors Association

The World Chinese Physician Association was established in Macau on September 21, 2014. It is an international, academic, and non-profit organization co-sponsored by Chinese medical groups in 13 countries.

The World Chinese Physician Association aims to provide unity, communication, coordination and exchanges. By connecting Chinese doctors and Chinese physician organizations around the world, we will integrate the world’s Chinese medical resources, enhance mutual medical exchanges and cooperation, and contribute to the development of Chinese medicine and even the world’s medicine.

The World Chinese Physician Association adheres to uniting the world’s Chinese physicians, strengthens communication and cooperation with each other; learns from advanced medical practice and physician industry management experience, promotes professionalism; exchanges learning new medicines, new achievements, and promotes medical technology improvement and medicine. Transformation of results; work guidance and communication and coordination for Chinese medical organizations around the world; strengthen external publicity, enhance the pride and honor of Chinese physicians; care for and help medical and health work in backward countries or regions; and strive to improve Chinese physicians The level of clinical practice and professional ethics promotes the improvement of medical health and services for all.


The establishment of the World Chinese Physician Association will provide a new platform for communication, coordination, communication and cooperation for all Chinese physicians.