Vietnam Deputy Minister of Health Guangqiang Li visits CMDA

Vietnam Deputy Minister of Health Guangqiang Li visits CMDA

On the morning of July 5, 2017, Vietnam Deputy Minister of Health Guangqiang Li, President of Medical University of Ho Chi Minh City Yejun Chen, chief representative of China Medical Board (CMB) in China Wenkai and associates visited the Chinese medical doctor association (CMDA). On behalf of the CMDA, President Yanling Zhang, executive vice president and secretary general Min Yang and vice president Xuejin Qi nistry extended a warm welcome to Deputy Minister Guangjiang Li and the delegates.

Meeting venue

CMDA President Yanling Zhang

President Zhang said, “the CMDA has been committed to its mandate of ” service, coordination and self-discipline, rights protection, supervision and management ” and providing good services for more than 420 million physicians in China since it was founded 15 years ago. The three main purpose of the CMDA are: 1. To assist the government in the management and service of the doctors’ team, and formulate relevant policies; 2. To train education and regular assessment of doctors after graduation, to make efforts towards admittance and registration management; Third, provide the doctors with rights and self-discipline. The association has set up five major funds to support doctors who need help. Establish a legal team to provide legal assistance to doctors for free; In order to promote the self-discipline of doctors, a doctor’s credit system was established, and a national database was established to improve the level of self-discipline.

Mr. Zhang said China attaches great importance to the cultivation of doctors. At the end of 2013, China formally established the resident physician standardized training for this country system. This is a reference to the advanced experience of the United States, Canada and other countries, according to the “China model” formulated according to China’s national conditions. I believe this model will be more mature in a few years.

Xuejin Qi , vice President of the CMDA, explained the training methods, program setting, training contents and challenges of continuing medical education after graduation in China.

Vietnam Deputy Minister of Health Guangqiang Li

Vietnam’s deputy minister of health, Guangqiang li, said during the talks that the two countries have close ties and that Vietnam is willing to learn and learn from China’s experience and practice of medical education after graduation. He said: “Vietnam medical education, including specialized subject is carried out in medical schools, hospitals are more involved, after graduating from medical education system as a whole has not been set up and that’s why we come to China this time learning. Next, we also want to set up a CMDA such organization to train doctors.”

Guangqiang Li, Deputy Minister of Health of Vietnam, asked the association leaders for questions on the establishment and development of the industry organization, the training of doctors and the challenges faced by medical education after graduation.Yanling Zhang and vice President of Xuejin Qi responded to the above questions.

Deputy health minister Guangqiang Li thanked the Chinese Medical Doctor Association and was deeply satisfied with the visit.

The two sides expressed the need for further exchanges and cooperation on education after graduation, so as to promote the development of education in the two countries.


CMDA Executives and Vietnam Delegation

President Zhang Shows the Delegation around CMDA Headquarter