The 4th Conference of China Residency International Education (CCRE) held in Beijing

The 4th Conference of China Residency International Education (CCRE) held in Beijing

Organized by Chinese Medical Doctor Association, Peking University First Hospital and The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC), the 4th Conference of China Residency International Education was held in Beijing from June 15th to 17th. Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau sent a greeting letter to the conference.

The opening ceremony was in the morning of June 16th. Mr. Zhang Yixin, Deputy Director of the National Health and Family Planing Commission, Mr. Zhang Yanling, President of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association, Liu Yucun, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Peking University Medical School, and Mr. Qin Huaijin, Director of the Department of Science and Education of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, Director of Education Wang Qiming, Dean of the First Hospital of Peking University Liu Xinmin, Dr. Andrew Padmos, Chief Executive Officer of Royal College of Physicians and surgeons of Canada, Vice President of the Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Dr Stanley J Hamstra attended the meeting. More than 800 people including provincial health and family planning administrative departments, the management staff and instructors attended the opening ceremony, which was hosted by Chinese Medical Doctor Association Vice President Qi Xuejin.

CCRE successfully held three sessions in Beijing from 2014 to 2016. It provides the experience and practice of international practice for the standardization training of resident physicians (hereinafter referred to as living training). The theme of this conference is to focus on how to do high-quality clinical teaching, formative evaluation, training improvement, process management, graduation examination and so on.


Zeng Yixin: Quality is the lifeline of standardized training for residents.

Zeng Yixin, deputy director of the National Health and Health Commission, expressed warm congratulations on the success of the conference on behalf of the National Health Commission. He said, especially thanks to the Chinese Medical Doctor Association led by President Zhang Yanling, for the Chinese resident physician training and medical education done a lot of work.

Mr. Zeng Yixin, Deputy Director of National Health and Family Planing Committee


Zeng Yixin, deputy director, said that from 2013 onward, officially launched the training of Chinese residents, the initial practice has proved that the standardization of resident training to improve the quality of doctors, especially to enhance the homogeneity of doctors have a very big help. On the basis of the initial success of the standardized training of resident physicians, at the end of 2016, the Chinese medial doctor association organized the first selection of three specialties for the implementation of the 8 departments’ guidance on the pilot training system for specialized doctors.

In view of the current hot spots on the special training pilot, Zeng Yi new deputy director said that the birth and maturity of any new thing, need a process, hope that the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Chinese medial doctor association to work together to the top of the specialist training and Related supporting policy formulation is good. The strict requirements of the training base, the need to implement the treatment of resident training. Chinese medial doctor association to increase the assessment efforts, from teacher management to process management, student treatment in all aspects of the training base must be strict requirements. For those who do not meet the requirements, to be a yellow card warning, even red card revoked. Zeng Yixin, deputy director stressed that we must be aware of the quality of resident training is the lifeline of standardized training, so this meeting closely around the quality of live construction of the major issues to study, highly targeted, for the development of international vision, to enhance the quality of living in China Significance. I hope you in-depth exchanges, careful study, full communication for the construction of our resident training system to contribute.

Zeng Yixin, deputy director, said China and Canada, the two countries face many common problems, there are many experiences, you can learn from each other and learn. The Chinese government attaches great importance to friendly relations with Canada and hopes that China and Canada will achieve greater achievements in cooperation in the field of medical education.


Zhang Yanling: to build a platform for communication and cooperation, to promote the living system to truly rooting

Zhang Yanling, president of the Chinese Medial Doctor Association, expressed warm congratulations to the convening of the conference. He pointed out that we should actively promote the international cooperation and exchange of living training, and build a training platform for cooperation between China and Canada, China and the United States. Royal Canadian Institute of Internal Medicine and Surgeons has a long history, is a national non-profit academic organization in Canada, responsible for more than 80 specialist and sub-specialist training standards and training base of the assessment and certification work. Their first 1996 “Doctor Competency Training” model, which has become the core concept of post-graduate medical education in Canada, is widely used in residency training and physician continuing education. Medical organizations in the world have made a lot of fruitful explorations in the cultivation of physicians. We should extensively draw on advanced experience and advanced concepts to promote the cultivation of high quality talents of our country and the global residents.

Chinese Medial Doctor Association President Zhang Yanling speech


Zhang Yanling President suggested that CCRE as an international exchange platform for Chinese resident physicians to disseminate the advanced concepts and methods of residency training, to provide reference for international and domestic experience, and achieved fruitful results. Chinese medial doctor association and Peking University Hospital will work with Canadian friends and colleagues to better cooperation .

Zhang Yanling President pointed out that the core of the training is to do a good job training quality, improve the doctor’s post competency, is the current talent team building among the top priority, but also a top priority. But because of the late establishment of the system, the level of economic and social development and other factors, there are still some problems. The Chinese Physicians Association will play the role of association in the industry in accordance with the unified arrangements and requirements of the National Health Commission, and gather together the strength and wisdom of experts and industry to work hard with the training base to promote the quality of living and live. While paying attention to the work of the training, we will pay more attention to some of the problems in the training of the specialist training, and we will work with the Science and Education Department of the State Health Education Commission to make this work healthy and smooth. Advance.


Mai Jia Lian: more cooperation, more communication

Canadian Ambassador


The Canadian ambassador to China, Mr. McGavan, first expressed his best wishes from the Prime Minister of Canada for the congratulatory message of the General Assembly. Next, it elaborates the friendly relations between China and Canada. He said that when he met with President Xi Jinping, on behalf of Prime Minister Trudeau to convey to President Xi Jinping three “more”, that is, more cooperation, more exchanges, “more” that we in all areas of more Cooperation, including trade, economy, climate change, the most important is the cooperation in the medical field. He congratulated him on the effectiveness of CCRE. He said Canada and China have reached 600 hospitals, equivalent to or exceed the total number of Canadian hospitals; there are about 33 cooperation agreements on health in the two countries, including cooperation with the Canadian Royal College of Internal Medicine and Surgeons. In recent years, witnessed the cooperation between China and Canada in the field of health, cooperation is very wide space.


Liu Yu village: these young people back to you must be young forever

Peking University Medical Department Party Secretary Liu


As the first three CCRE sponsor of the original Peking University First Hospital, the current Peking University School of Medicine, party secretary Liu Yu village on the meaning of the changes in the name of CCRE were introduced. Finally, he said: “Dear teachers, when you make every effort to your knowledge, skills, the truth of life to teach young students, these young people will give you your youth forever.”

At the opening ceremony, Ms. Susan, Vice President of the Royal Canadian Institute of Internal Medicine and Surgeons, issued the certificate of the Royal Canadian Institute of Internal Medicine and Surgeons, the first hospital of Peking University, and issued a simulation project for the Sixth People’s Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University. Certificate of accreditation. Susan said that the ability of these institutions to meet international standards is not easy, need insight, need passion, need enthusiasm, need tough, but also need a lot of hard work.

Issued the Certificate of accreditation

After the opening ceremony, into the special report stage, the State Health and Social Sciences Commission Director of Science and Education Qin Huaijin on the standardization of resident training system to carry out the work of the progress. He pointed out that live culture as a new system that has just undergone three years, it is necessary to affirm achievements, but also to face up to the problem, to the quality and treatment as the core, pay close attention to implementation.

Dr. Stanley J. Hamstra, Vice President of the Postgraduate Medical Education Accreditation Board of the United States, presented a report on the “Quality of Training of Medical Education after Graduation”, a presentation on medical education models after graduation in the United States and Canada, and a career-oriented medical education, milestone Evaluation system, etc. to elaborate.

Director of the Department of Science and Education, National Health and Family Planning Commission, Qin Huaijin


Deputy Director of Higher Education Department of Ministry of Education Wang Qiming


Andrew Paddam, Chief Executive Officer, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.


Dr. Stanley J.Hamstra, Vice President of the Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME)


Chinese medial doctor association Vice President Qi Xuejin hosted the opening ceremony


Participated in the leadership and the country (territory) after graduation education experts before the group photo 

Three sessions, through the special reports, seminars, seminars and workshops and other forms, exchange and study the latest progress of domestic and international training and successful practices, and strive to close to the international forefront, to show the latest content. (RCPSC) and the United States ACGME more than 10 international top medical education experts invited to make a speech for the General Assembly; Peking University First Hospital and more than 10 domestic training base, nearly 40 experts in the General Assembly of different Sub-venue to communicate.

(Chinese Medial Doctor Association Editor Li Mingli)