The First Annual General Surgeons Conference

The First Annual General Surgeons Conference

Dear Distinguished Surgeons,

Chinese College of Surgeons (CCS) is a branch organization of Chinese Medical Doctor Association. It is a national, non-for profit and voluntary association consisting of inpidual surgeon members and institutional members. As the main association for general surgeons in China, all the participating members are legally registered and licensed general surgeons (licensed surgeons and licensed assistant surgeons) within the territory of China and are entitled to practice medicine in China. Approved by China’s Ministry of Health and officially registered with China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs, Chinese College of Surgeons (CCS) is legally constituted in November, 2007.

The mandate of Chinese College of Surgeons (CCS) is to regulate medical practice by licensed medical practitioners and to protect their rights as well as to advocate self-disciplines for the professionals. And through that mandate to establish and endorse standards for the profession and to initiate a series of functions as to coordinate, discipline, protect, oversea, manage its members. CCS unites and organizes surgeons in China to abide by national constitutions, laws, regulations and policies, to advocate the ethical values and life-saving humanitarian and professional principles, to improve surgeon medical levels and service quality, to protect the rights of surgeons and to improve the healthcare of Chinese people as well as to build a h armonious society.

The first Annual Surgeons Conference, organized by CCS will be held at Beijing Jiu Hua Mountain Resort International exhibition center from September 26 to September 29, 2008.

With the theme as “Accomplishment, Exploration, Challenge” – The Chinese Surgeons “Medical Practice and Professional Management”, this conference invites renowned scholars and senior experts in the filed of general surgeon medical practice, scientific research and professional management, together with the surgeons from all over China, to gather together to discuss a number of topics: 1).The Chinese College of Surgeons’ organizational and management model; methods and measurements of implementing different functions of the association; 2) Clinical development of various fields in surgery; coordination between various surgery and technical presentation and education; study and implementation of medical treatment standards, medical practice standards and medical professional standards; 3) the development of organizational management of CCS and international environment; 4) The professional risks that the Chinese surgeons are facing and the rights of surgeons.

This annual conference will turn out to be a platform for the general medical and clinical experience exchange between all the general surgeons, exploration of medical practice management model, presentation of medical service levels and participation of regularity of medical practice. This conference will also become the forefront for the appearance and education of new technology and new products in various field of surgery.

We welcome the attendance of general surgeons for academic discussions as well as experience-exchanging sessions.

Conference Information:

  • Date of Conference: September 26 th – 29 th , 2008
  • Registration Dates: 8a.m.- 10p.m, September 26 th , 2008
  • 8a.m. – 12p.m, September 27 th , 2008
  • Venue: Beijing Jiu Hua Shan Zhuang International Conference Centre

Address: Jiu Hua Shan Zhuang International Conference Centre, Xiao Tang

Shan, Chang Ping District, Beijing

Organization Committee

Honorary Chairmen:

Fa Zu Qiu

Ru Yi Du

Chairman of Conference:

Xi Sheng Leng


Shan Wang

Shen Ming Wang

Hong Wei Li

Xiao Ping Chen

Zong Guang Zhou

Shu Seng Zheng

Yu Pei Zhao

Advisory Committee:

Yu Zhu

Yun Yi Liu

Zhao You Tang

Zai De Wu

Meng Chao Wu

Wei Ran Wu

Zhong Gao Wang

Shang Da Fan

Xi Shan Hao

Zhi Qiang Huang

Jie Fu Huang

Jie Shou Li

Organizing Committee:

Ji Ren Yu

Jin Rui Qu

Jie Wang

Guo Bin Wang

Xi Yan Wang

Zai Yuan Ye

Fu Zhou Tian

Guo Sheng Ren

Yong Feng Liu

Yu Cun Liu

Jin Gang Liu

Xu Bao Liu

Yi Lu

Yun Fu Lu

Cheng Yi Sun

Zheng Gang Zhu

Ge Liang Xu

Xin Min Wu

Shui Jun Zhang

Yang De Zhang

Xin Guo Zhang

Jun Shi

Ning Li

Qiang Li

Shi Yong Li

Le Ping Li

Yong Guo Li

Xu Sheng Li

Jia Mei Yang

Yin Xue Yang

Ming Qing Chen

Ning Xin Zhou

Xue Dong Fang

Xu Lin Yi

Xiao Hui Ou Yang

Luo Bu Ou Zhu

Yi Miao

Ke Wei Jiang

Hong Chi Jiang

San Yuan Hu

Jin Min Zhao

Hao Liang Zhao

Jin Duo Cao

He Guang Huang

Xin Yu Peng

Quan Liao

Jian Hui Cai

Jia Fan


Shu Zhen Fu

Lin Lin

Min Zhang

Hui Zhang

Tai Ping Zhang

Xing Rui Li

Yong Gang Shang

Jun Yu

Ke Wei Jiang

Xue Dan Hong

Hui Yan

Guang Qi Chang

Zhi Yong Huang

Lan Zhan

Quan Liao



Conference Schedule

September 26 th

Entire Day

Conference Registration

September 27 th


Opening Ceremony

The Evolution and Direction of Development of the Management of International Surgeons
Dean’s Symposium- The Growth of Medical Surgeons
How to Develop Surgical Clinical Research- Transferring Medical Skills onto Practical Clinical Studies
Surgical Vascular Studies Challenge Case Symposium
Minimally Invasive Surgery – Specialities, Breakthroughs, and Challenges
September 28 th
Discussion on the Treatment of the Primary Carcinoma of the Liver
The Establishment and Practice of an United Research Team Targeted at the Treatment of Gastrointestinal Tumor
The Evolution of and Ethical Issues behind the Clinical Research on Organ Transplants
The Cultivation and Application of Communication between Surgeons and Patients
Examining Medical Cases and Legal Medical Discussion

Acquiring articles

1. The basic requirements: The contents of the article need to be closely related to the editorial articles listed in the agenda of the meeting: unpublished in the domestic and international publications on paper previous to this meeting.

2. The format requirements: to contribute in the form of articles, the articles are asked for around 800 words. In order to facilitate the reviewers to read, and understand, please write in the form of the following order: summary topic, the author (phone, E-MAIL), the name and address of the work place, postal code, purpose, materials and methods, results and conclusions.

3. Content requirements: scientifically oriented, focused, and requires reliable arguments and appropriate conclusions; showing guiding significance towards professional practice and industry management; refining wording.

4. Method of contribution: electronic document is preferable.

(1) Electronic : Please E-MAIL to

Marked “The First Annual Conference of Chinese Surgeon” and be sure to specify: name, the name of working place, full mailing address, contact information (phone, E-MAIL, fax, etc.).

(2) Floppy disk: please mail to: Chinese Medical Association- service centre for sub-association contact: Huo Yan

Address: 6F, East Tower of Building 6, No.2 guangqumen nei Street, Chongwen District, Beijing, China, Post Code 100061

In the bottom left corner of the envelope marked “The First Annual Conference of Chinese Surgeon,” and be sure to specify: name, the name of working place, full mailing address, contact information (phone, E-MAIL, fax, etc.).

5. Contact: Chinese Medical Association- service centre for sub-association Huo Yan Tel:-67116436

6. Please contribute prior to August 15, 2008

Other information:

1. Accommodation: the organizer provides you with the following hotel book

16 District of Jiu hua shan zhuang: RMB 540 yuan / room / day

Fulai palace hot spring villa: RMB 300 yuan/room/day 15minutes walk to the International Convention and Exhibition Centre (16 districts)

2. Registrations:

If you are interested in participating in this event, please contact us as soon as possible.