Overseas training

Overseas training

Training Programs:

(1) Internationally Collaborated Training on “Chronic Disease Management”
Adopting the e-learning delivery model of University of Phoenix and the small-size classroom delivery, the Program is supported by the Canadian Health Awareness Society with the following leading expertise:
Dr. Kwang Yang: expert in general medicine of Canada;
Dr. Shian Gu: expert in general medicine of Canada;
Dr. Patrick McGowan: Professor in University of Victoria;
Dr. Frank Lim: Professor in University of Victoria;
Dr. Kim Liew: Professor in University of Victoria.

(2) Co-organization of the Third Annual Meeting of the Society of Pain Clinicians of Chinese Medical Doctor Association in June, 2013.
Well-known experts and scholars from China and abroad will be invited for panel discussions. The focuses will on the latest technology and development, and the prospects of pain studies.

(3)Organization of the National Conference on Infectious Disease in November, 2013.
In cooperation with the North American Federation of Iatrology Society and Canadian Association of Liver Disease, the Conference will focus on the edge-cutting development of research and technology in the treatment of liver disease, including the research of immunology on liver disease, immune cell therapy, stem cell therapy, and the latest progress and ideas on therapeutic vaccine of liver disease in North America, with the purpose of promoting academic exchange and combination between fundamental research and clinical research.

(4) Overseas training: To learn practice of clinical pathway in the west through cooperating with the University of California and the University of British Columbia.

(5) International training for the normalization training of Chinese resident doctors.
In cooperation with Kaplan, largest international medical training institution in the world, this Program will focus on the clinical thinking models for full-range doctors. The training will be on seven major subjects, i.e. including internal medicine, surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, pediatrics, neurology, psychiatry, and medical ethics; each subject will cover the full process of normalized treatment for common dise