The National Health Conference in 2013

The National Health Conference in 2013

On January 7th, 2013, the National Health Conference was held in Beijing. Minister of Health Chen Zhu, Vice Minister of Health Huang Jiefu, Wang Guoqiang, Ma Xiaowei, Chen Xiaohong, Liu Qian and the leaders of other departments attended this conference. Delegates from different regions and different departments exchange their ideas about health working.

Chen Zhu, Minister of Health delivered an important speech, summarizing the health work in the past year: In 2012, the coverage of new rural cooperative medical service had been up to above 95% and there was no serious epidemic situation throughout the country. He also stated the expectation for the health work in 2013.



The National Health Conference in 2013 was Held in Beijing

The Leaders Who Attended the Conference


Minister of Health Chen Zhu Delivered an Important Speech at the Conference


Delegates of the Conference


People Who Get “Bethune Award”


Advanced Groups of the National Rural Cooperative Medical Service