Continue the Innovative Development of Chinese Medical Doctor Association

Continue the Innovative Development of Chinese Medical Doctor Association

——Dr. Zhang Yanling’s Speech at the 3rd National Plenary Meeting of CMDA

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen:

The 3rd Plenary Meeting of CMDA at Beijing is an important event in China ‘s development of its medicine industry and medical science. Our Party and the government always pay high attention to the medicine industry and the quality of doctors; many national leaders have sent their celebration to us for this event and expressed their expectation.

Zhang Mao, Minister of Health, and Ren Guoquan, Minister of Health at the General Logistics Department of the Army, delivered important speeches at the meeting. With the joint efforts of all the leaders, experts, media and representatives, we have had a successful plenary meeting. I feel honored to be the new chairman of the council of CMDA. On behalf of the council, I want to express our sincere thanks to all our members and friends from all walks of life.

From January 2002 to now, Chinese Medical Doctor Association has experienced a ten-year extraordinary history. During the ten years, we have overcome difficulties and make great achievement. Making efforts to promote the professional ethics and to uphold the humanitarianisms to rescue the dying and caring for the wounded, to advance medical knowledge and improve medical services, and to protect the rights and interests of the practicing physicians, CMDA has become the “home of doctors” and has 39 local associations and 51 specialty sub-associations.

Looking back into the past 10 years, the former council, under the leadership of Yin Dakui, made pioneering contributions to the development of CMDA. On behalf of the new council, I would like to express our high respect to the first and second council sessions under Yin Dakui and Yang Jing.

Doctors are important forces in developing medical industry, promoting medical system reform and improving the health level of people. We should seize all the opportunities and unite 2.4 million doctors to provide better medical services and make more contribution to social progress.

Our four priority areas of work in the future are as follows:

First, improve the quality of medical treatment, enhance the service ability of doctors and promote the professional ethics.

Second, make spareless efforts on protection of doctors’ rights and providing good services. We will make unremitting efforts to provide high-quality service to all the doctors and protect their rights and interests. We should actively build bridges between our association and government departments, strengthen communication and coordination with friends from all walks of life and the news media, adequately show the expression of doctors, propagandize the advanced models and create a better environment for doctors. We insist on protecting doctors’ rights according to the law, help doctors be understood and supported by the public.

Third, play the functional role of supervision and self-discipline. We should make full use of our organizational advantage and technical advantage to promote the training for residents, general practitioners and specialist doctors. We should adopt the code of conduct of medical staffs, focus on qualification for practicing doctors and improve the scientification and standardization of medical industrial management. We should also carry out the management of self-regulation, formulate professional regulations for doctors, and assist Ministry of Health to establish doctor evaluation system, do qualification authentication for doctors and supervise doctors’ work to improve the quality of all the medical staffs. Our doctors should set strict demands on themselves so that they can gain respect and trust from the public. We resist all the unhealthy ways and customs like seeking private gain through treatment, getting kickbacks and academic cheating. We try to build harmonious relationship between doctors and patients and shape good images for doctors.

Fourth, strengthen self-construction of our association. We should be clear about what to do and what not to do. We should keep studying and improve our management ability, putting social benefits first. We should do what we require our members and sub-associations to do. Our new council also wants to make a commitment that we will not seek private gain through power and we will never do illegal things. We welcome all the members and communities to supervise us.

All the delegates, dear comrades, Chinese Medical Doctor Association takes the responsibility of medical industry management and carry the expectation of all the doctors. So we will unite together and forge ahead, contributing wisdom and strength to people’s health and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.