National Doctors Awards Ceremony

National Doctors Awards Ceremony

The 2007 Chinese National Doctors Awards Ceremony was held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing November 16, 2007. Seventy awarded doctors and representatives of physicians from across the country attended the ceremony, which has occupied a great deal of attention of various related government departments and associations. Officials and experts attended the ceremony include:
Ms. Zhang, Mei-Ying, Vice Chairman of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC);

Mr. Wang, Guo-Qiang, Vice Minister of Health and Director of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine;

Mr. Liu, Qian, Vice Minister of Health;

Mr. Zhu, Qing-Sheng, President of China Rural Health Association and former Vice Minister of Health;

Mr. Cao, Rong-Gui, President of Chinese Hospital Association and former Vice Minister of Health;

Mr. Chen, Xin-Nian, Deputy Director of Army Medical Services;

Mr. Yang, Yue, Deputy Director Administration of Non-Profit Organizations, Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs;

Mr. Wang, Chang-Shou, Executive Director of Union of Ministry of Health;

Mr. Bian, Zhen-Jia, Director of Drug Safety and Inspection Department of State Food and Drug Administration;

Mr. Liang, Wan-Nian, Deputy Director of Beijing Health Bureau;

Mr. Liu, Hai-Lin, Secretary General of China Medicinal Biotechnology Association;

Mr. Chen, Ke-Ji, Academician of Chinese Academy of Science;

Mr. Zhang, Jin-Zhe, Academician of Chinese Academy of Science;

Ms. Hu, Ya-Mei, Academician of Chinese Academy of Science

The Ceremony was moderated by CMDA executive vice president and secretary general Mr. Yang, Jing, who announced the beginning of the ceremony followed by President Yin Da-Kui’s opening speech. Mr. Liu Qian, Vice Minister of Health, announced the list of 70 award-wining physicians, of whom 53 were western medicine physicians, 7 were Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physicians, 6 were preventive physicians and 4 were dentists.